Healing Tao Institute

Tai Chi Classes

Develop physical and mental fitness and find a new harmony of the mind, body and spirit using this ancient Chinese martial art. Mastering the essentials of Tai Chi is especially valuable for bodyworkers, medical Qigong therapists and acupuncturists alike because Tai Chi teaches centering, natural bodily alignment, grounding, and integration of posture, breath and intent. These skills help reduce body stress and fatigue and maximize physical power and qi flow when treating. 

Simplified 24-Style Yang Tai ChiChuan (Taijiquan)
Simplified 24-Style Yang Tai Chi was created in the 1950's as the National Tai Chi form in mainland China. It features many of the major movements from the original 108 movement Yang Tai Chi form, but without the numerous repetitions present in the long form, and can thus be completed in 5-7 minutes of practice. As a short form, it is well suited for modern people with busy lives who still desire an exercise system for fitness and health. Simplified 24-Style Yang Tai Ch is the world's most popular version of Tai Chi, and is featured in Tai Chi form competitions internationally.

Tai Chi - Level 1
Starting with basic movements, warm-up techniques and breathing exercises, you will learn a short 13-step Tai Chi set of flowing natural movements done slowly with calmness, balance and awareness.

Yang Style 198 movement Tai Chi 
Yang style Tai Chi is the most popular around the world today. Performed at a constant slow and graceful pace, it improves strength, balance, flexibility and overall health. Yang style is now known for its benefits in reducing falls, lowering high blood pressure and benefitting Parkinson’s Disease. It is also known as a very effective martial art.

Tai Chi - Level 2
You will refine and correct the movements learned in Tai Chi 1. You will also begin to explore the principles of Yin and Yang, and discover deep relaxation in movement.

Tai Chi - Level 3
In Tai Chi 3, you will be introduced to the rarely taught "inner structure of Tai Chi." You will be given time-tested traditional principles for developing structural alignment, drawn from the Tai Chi Classics.. This knowledge is the key to integrated power, grace, grounding, and increased qi flow in your Tai Chi.

Tai Chi - Level 4
Tai Chi 4 deepens your exploration and mastery of Tai Chi's inner structure. We will also begin Tai Chi two person practice, called tui shou or Push Hands, where you will develop sensitivity and learn practical applications of Tai Chi with the aid of a partner. 

Tai Chi - Level 5
Tai Chi 5 enhances your ability to stay grounded, centered and calm in the midst of everyday stress. You will expand your repertoire of poised responses through new Tai Chi partner exercises, and will learn the practical use of the 13 postures of Tai Chi as related to the eight trigrams and five elements.

Tai Chi - Level 6
Tai Chi 6 introduces the moving step exercises of Tai Chi partner practice. You will acquire the art of skillful distancing and timing, and will learn both Tai Chi martial applications and the way of neutralizing these applications.