Healing Tao Institute

Wudang's Taoist Priests: Martial Arts & Sacred Music
With Jampa Stewart, Marie Favorito, Lee Holden, Sharon Smith, and Walter Kellenberger

Wudang's Taoist Priests: Martial Arts & Sacred Music

For centuries, Wudang Mountain has been China's premiere center for Taoist internal martial arts training, including T'ai Chi, swordsmanship and Qi Gong.

In July, 2006, thirty-two Taoist priests from Wudang made an historic journey to Austin, Texas to perform their world famous martial arts and Taoist ceremonial music, complete with swords, costumes and traditional Chinese instruments. This one of a kind film records their breathtaking performances, including scenes from their rarely seen sacred ceremonies performed for the people of Austin.

74 minutes | $19.95
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