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What is Chi Nei Tsang?
Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist healing technique you can learn to do on yourself (and others) that detoxifies, regenerates and balances each one of your body’s vital functions. It is a system of healing that focuses on the internal organs, as well as the circulation, lymphatic system, digestive, eliminative, nerve centers of the body, tendon muscle system and the acupuncture meridians (Chi system). These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, which acts as their control center.

Chi Nei Tsang uses energetic techniques and manipulations to untangle knots and release obstructions. This system of health rejuvenation and maintenance is so complete that it also includes working on balancing the mind, the emotions and the essential energy of Chi (Qi). It can complement and enhance almost all other healing techniques.

Chi Nei Tsang will help you build your vitality and overall health from the inside out. Chi Nei Tsang was brought to America by Master Mantak Chia.

What Is The Chi Nei Tsang Program?
Presently Healing Tao Institute’s Chi Nei Tsang Program offers a 550 hour course of study, consisting of 160 hours of training in Chi Nei Tsang technique and theory, 72 hours of supervised clinical training, 110 hours in Healing Tao Basic Training courses, 100 hours of Chinese Medical Theory and 108 hours in Western Anatomy and Physiology . Our Instructors are certified by the Universal Tao, the international organization of Master Mantak Chia.

How Can I Become Certified as a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner?
There are three main routes to Certification as a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner in the United States:
• Healing Tao Institute
• Universal Tao

Healing Tao Institute Certification
Upon successfully completing our Chi Nei Tsang Program (Levels I, II and III), students receive a Certificate of Completion. This meets the basic core Asian Bodywork hours needed to meet the requirements of the following credentialing agencies.

Universal Tao Certification (Healing Tao Instructor's Association of the Americas)
The Universal Tao (formerly The International Healing Tao) is the international organization established by Taoist Master Mantak Chia. Certification in the United States, Canada, Central and South America is carried out through the Healing Tao Instructor's Association of the Americas (www.taoinstructors.org)

There are several levels of Chi Nei Tsang certification in the Universal Tao:
Certified Chi Nei Tsang 1 Practitioner
• Certified Chi Nei Tsang 2 Intermediate Practitioner
• Chi Nei Tsang Instructor
• Chi Nei Tsang Senior Instructor

Certified Chi Nei Tsang 1 Practitioner Certification:

1. Students must first complete the Chi Nei Tsang Level I course twice (once for learning and once for review) either in retreat or 80 hours training with a certified instructor.

2. Students must also attend and complete the following Universal Tao courses:
• 1 week of BASICS TRAINING RETREAT (or its equivalent of 40 hours with a certified Universal Tao instructor in Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Healing Love Through the Tao, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Chi Self-Massage, and Iron Shirt Chi Kung I);
• 1 week of FUSION OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS RETREAT (or its equivalent of 40 hours with a certified Universal Tao instructor in Fusion of the Five Elements I, II, and III);
• 1 week of either TAI CHI CHI KUNG RETREAT or IRON SHIRT CHI KUNG RETREAT (or its equivalent of 40 hours with a certified Universal Tao instructor)
• 1 week of CHI NEI TSANG LEVEL III (or 40 hour equivalent).

These courses are offered in Austin, Texas; Crestone, Colorado; and by Mantak Chia and other certified instructors internationally

3. Students must perform at least 100 Chi Nei Tsang sessions on clients and submit 100 client case studies, short written notes on client sessions.
These should be either:
• 20 clients, 5 sessions each, or
• 10 clients, 10 sessions each.

4. Other requirements:
• 20 clients, 5 sessions each, or
• 100 total sessions of no more than 40 different clients.
Students must also pass a practical test by the Chi Nei Tsang Committee. These tests are given internationally, and may be given in Austin.
Students must also pass a practical test by the Chi Nei Tsang Committee. These tests are given internationally, and may be given in Austin.

AOBTA Certification
Healing Tao Institute’s current program meets the Asian Bodywork Therapy core curriculum requirements for AOBTA Certification; however, additional hours are needed in Oriental Medical Theory, Anatomy and Physiology, and other related subjects to meet the necessary 500 hours. Founded in 1989, the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) is a national not-for-profit professional association of practitioners of Bodywork Therapies of Asia. Chi Nei Tsang is one of their recognized Asian bodywork styles that may meet their membership requirements. There are several levels of membership, each with its own curriculum requirements; these include: Certified Practitioner, Certified Instructor, Associate Member, and Student Member. By meeting the credentialing requirements as a professional member in AOBTA, practitioners may be designated as either a Certified Practitioner or Certified Instructor. There is no additional written or practical exam required. For more details, visit the AOBTA website at www.aobta.org.

NCCAOM Certification
Chi Nei Tsang is an Asian Bodywork Therapy that is formally recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). With the new Asian Bodywork Therapy certification exam created by the NCCAOM, our profession stands equally with the practices of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology as one of the three delivery systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through the NCCAOM OBT exam, the professional practitioner has the opportunity to be Nationally Certified as a Diplomate in ABT. Practitioners who meet the requirements to be professionally certified by the AOBTA will have met the eligibility requirements to sit for the NCCAOM exam, and vice-versa. For more information, visit the NCCAOM website at www.nccaom.org.

Is State Licensing Required for me to practice chi nei tsang on clients?
The laws are different in every state. Currently there is no national or state licensing for Chi Nei Tsang in the United States. Some states require medical, acupuncture, chiropractic, or massage therapist licensing to legally use the hands-on therapeutic methods of Chi Nei Tsang. Other states have exempted Asian Bodywork Therapy methods from their massage licensing requirements. Some Chi Nei Tsang practitioners have successfully contended that their sessions with clients were strictly educational, as most of Chi Nei Tsang’s methods can be applied as self-therapy. Students should contact their state licensing bureaus regarding the regional laws in their local area.


Level I - Chi Nei Tsang I
Chi Nei Tsang I introduces students to the foundation level practices and principles of Chi Nei Tsang. You will learn:
• Five Elements Principles
• Face, tongue and pulse observation
• Energetic hand-scanning, and navel diagnosis
• Clearing the Wind Gates
• Palpation and tonification of each internal organ
• Acupressure points and detailed clearing of the internal organs
• Rejuvenation exercises and meditations

Level II - Chi Nei Tsang II
Chi Nei Tsang II works primarily with the trapped energies of the body that become sick or "evil winds" which can lead to heart attacks and other major health problems, if not released. Students will learn the Ten Different Winds, and how to chase and discharge them out of the body and to inject good Chi back into the vital organs and glands.

Level III - Chi Nei Tsang III
Chi Nei Tsang III uses the One Finger Technique, working primarily with the left side of the navel (left hand) and moving up the spine (right hand), releasing any blockages or tension of the nerves and tendons, moving up into the heart, neck & head. The students will learn how to loosen the nervous system through the sacrum, legs and arms; and how to open up the nerve endings, filling them with revitalized Chi.

Healing Tao/Universal Tao Program
Medical Qigong Therapy Program
Chi Nei Tsang Program
Qigong Teacher Training Program

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